Corpse (2018)
Lloyd Evans

Charcoal, stop frame animation

Corpse draws inspiration from the trees and woods close to the lodge. Work has been created in layers, agitated and disjointed; images build, become obscured then are erased, appearing in a state of constant flux. The articulation of time is central to my practice, I am also interested in the concept of existing in different time frames simultaneously, human time and ecological time. Here I explored speeding up the ecological so that forests grow and fall back in moments.  


Demasked (2018))
Lloyd Evans

Video projection

Demasked was born out of a conversation about how the 'natural' landscape in Suffolk and elsewhere in Britain is as much a construct as our towns and cities. Footage shot into tree canopies has been reflected and repeated to form moving wallpapers, order is imposed and the landscape domesticated. The work is designed to be walked around so that the viewers silhouette reveals different generative views of both front and back projections simultaneously.